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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soul Reborn by Jean Murray

Soul Reborn is Jean Murray's first release and let me just say that it was fantastic. No joke, I read it twice. I'm completely enamored with books that revolve around mythology. That being said, I have never had the privilege of reading one centered around the Egyptian Pantheon. I feel very deprived now that I know what I was missing.

Lilly Carrigan is a Nehebkau Huntress charged with protecting humanity from zombie-like creatures called Revens. Contrarily, Asar is the God of the Underworld forced to consume human souls due to some dastardly deeds by a not so nice goddess. Asar's ex-lover Kepi, in a brutal act of betrayal cut out his heart...literally. The now soulless god is out for vengeance. Kepi is hell-bent on destroying the world forcing Lilly and Asar to ban together to thwart her brutal annihilation.

The first installment of what is shaping up to be a fabulous trilogy, Soul Reborn is an amazing read. Murray is a great author. Her ability to make the reader empathize with her characters is demonstrative of her impressive talent. Looking forward to her next installment. 5 slippers.

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